Tired of the humidifier

All winter long, we had to have a humidifier to keep some moisture into the air.

My husband and I were both having difficulties with our skin drying out. I look like I am getting ready to shed. My husband’s hand are cracking and beginning to bleed. I just have problems with my skin and my hair. My hair has become so dry and brittle that I am constantly shedding. The other day, my husband told me that he would get me some skin so soft if I wanted to shave my head. He also offered to get me a buffer, which he knew would would end him up in the dog house. I barely spoke to him for two days, which he didn’t even realize. When we got the humidifiers, we both felt so much better. Our skin wasn’t cracking anymore, but my hair was still brittle. I woke up the other morning with my hair sticking out all over, and I looked like a witch. My husband asked me if I wanted to take the good broom to the hairdresser. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to hit him or just walk away. He was filling the humidifiers again, and it hit me that filling the humidifiers was all we were getting done all winter. The entire time the furnace was running, our humidifier had to be running, which meant we had to fill it with water about three times a day. We’re going to have to find a better way to get moisture into the house, before next winter.

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