To play my instrument, I can only play in an air conditioning

I would say I’m a pretty fantastic piano player, however for some reason I can’t play in front of people, and i guess I just get too distraught plus I mess up care about crazy! The only times I feel comfortable while playing is when I’m alone plus I have a particularly comfortable environment.

I basically need to have the air conditioning on plus keep the temperature control at the right settings.

I constantly feel rejuvenated when I feel that cooling air flowing around me plus I can usually play the piano to my heart’s triumphant, that is so long as nobody is enjoying, however my family has heard me play so they guess I am pretty fantastic however my friends never believed that I had it in me. This 1 day I was playing the piano at the school when I seen there was nobody in the auditorium. I really started jamming on the piano plus I was startled when I finished my song plus my buddies were all clapping for me. I turned around plus my face went red, when they asked if I could play another song, I said I couldn’t do it plus I was out of there! When I got condo from school, I went to my room, shut the door plus turned on my window machine. I got on my keyboard with my headphones attached plus started playing tunes. My father said that I should know about recording my tunes plus that way I wouldn’t have to play them live for people to listen to. I thought that was a fantastic idea plus started letting people listen to my recorded tunes.

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