Today The people I was with and I Buy a New Whole Home Air Purifier

It’s kind of a massive purchase however with all of the dust sensitivities and colds all of us have all been suffering I suppose it will be a worthwhile I was investment to better our health.

  • The people I was with and I get a lot of dust in our arena because all of us keep the windows open on mild weather afternoons to help get some fresh air in the home however it also brings in a lot of dust and pollen.

I guess the best thing would be to run the central air fan unit to help wash the air because it has a HEPA filter, however all of us suppose it may end up costing a lot more cash than a whole lake home media air cleaner. The people I was with and I worked on on the energy consumption of them and it is quite low so I suppose it would save cash in the long run even though it is not so cheap to buy. I guess all of us could keep the windows closed and just run the media air cleaner to provide us nice wash air. Maybe all of us could run the Heating and Air Conditioning system’s fan too so all of us can get some fresh air from outdoors through the air handler. I suppose I need to get it cleaned soon because it has been a long time since we’ve had a woman come out to do so. The local company has a sale now on HEPA filters and repair calls so I suppose I will go down there today to see if they can schedule a cleaning soon for us. I could do it myself but I can make more cash working while they do it.



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