Today We Buy a New Whole Home Air Purifier

It’s kind of a immense purchase but with all of the flu symptoms plus colds the people I was with and I have all been suffering I think it will be a worthwhile investment to better our health.

We get a lot of dust in our place because the people I was with and I keep the windows open on mild weather afternoons to help get some fresh air in the house but it also brings in a lot of dust plus pollen.

I think the best thing would be to run the central air fan component to help clean the air because it has a HEPA filter, but the people I was with and I think it may end up costing a lot more money than a whole lake house whole-house air purifier. We checked on the energy consumption of them plus it is quite low so I think it would save money in the long run even though it is not so cheap to buy. I think the people I was with and I could keep the windows closed plus just run the whole-house air purifier to deliver us nice clean air. Maybe the people I was with and I could run the Heating as well as Air Conditioning system’s fan too so the people I was with and I can get some fresh air from outdoors through the air handler. I think I need to get it cleaned soon because it has been a long time since we’ve had a person come out to do so. The local business has a sale now on HEPA filters plus service calls so I think I will go down there this month to see if they can schedule a cleaning soon for us. I could do it myself however I can make more money laboring while they do it.

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