Too cold to camp in the backyard

Things are completely strange right now and I guess legitimately bad for multiple folks.

I worry about elderly and compromised people and all of their family.

I guess pain for people who can’t really afford food or their rent. I’m upset for many people with big plans during this phase of time. It’s awful to cancel entire wedding plans after spending two years to make the dream event. Similarly. I’m actually feeling bad for some friends that were celebrating birthdays on an upcoming weekend. There aren’t many things that we can do in order to celebrate. For a short while, everyone of us. We would go hiking so every one of us could be far from humans. Now the parks are closed and this is not even a good option. All of us decided camping inside our backyard was a good idea. Everyone was close to home which was good due to the outdoor weather conditions being extremely chilly. Throughout most of the day, the air temperatures were hot and the air was summary and humid. When the sunshine set, however, the air temperatures were plummeting within minutes. The air was hastily freezing and also damn. It felt enjoy a person had shut on an air conditioner. We were wet from playing most of the day and even the fire didn’t create enough natural warmth. Every one of us eventually had to go back into the house because there was not enough sheet. At least we could find a space furnace to help us out but we still ended up shivering inside of our sleeping bag.



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