Too much A/C for me

My guy is nuts about AC… He always wants to have the cooling system on high.

I get sick of being cold. He has the A/C set to 68 degrees no matter what time. I have to use a heavy comforter on our bed all summer time long. I invested in a ceiling fan & it is totally pointless. I never use it, then during the morningtime I spend most of the time outside. It is 90 degrees all summer time long & I would prefer that over the chilly A/C system. I believe it really gets to myself and others because a/c follows myself and others everywhere. I am stuck in a house that is too cold… Then when the people I was with and I drive sites he cranks the automobile cooling system. Then if the people I was with and I are at the motion pictures, a diner or a bank, there is a/c pumping out of the vents, but why so many A/C people? It is high-priced to run your cooling system at such a low setting. It isn’t wonderful for the system to never get a break. I believe I would be a little more okay with the severe A/C if I got heating in the winter, and my guy never allows myself and others to turn on the furnace. He complains & whines about being hot. It is easier to just wear pants & a jacket in the house during the morningtime then fight with him about the thermostat settings. I will disclose there are some days that I hope the cooling system breaks so I get a little reprieve from it. I dislike the feeling of that stale, gross air hitting me.


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