Top-of-the-line treadmill

Due to nasty weather, I’m forced to handle my workouts indoors for most of the year. For approximately eight months, there’s snow on the ground and temperatures below freezing. Even in the spring, summer and fall, my local area gets a lot of rain and high winds. I like to run. I invested into an innovative and top-of-the-line treadmill for my home gym. What makes this treadmill different from conventional alternatives is that it doesn’t plug in. Rather than use electricity to power the belt, it has a track that resembles the tread on an army tank. The track is curved. The movement of my feet propels the track. This allows my pace to regulate speed instead of a control on the treadmill. The faster I run and longer my strides, the faster the track moves. There is no top speed and it stops instantly when I quit running. The treadmill makes very little noise. I can run while the rest of the family is sleeping, and I don’t bother anyone. When I need to make lengthy work calls, I can walk on the treadmill while talking on the phone. Although this type of treadmill was quite expensive, I think it was worth it. I use it several times per week and typically run about 10 miles each time. I rarely run outside anymore. I like that I don’t need to worry about the weather, potholes, traffic, exhaust fumes or bugs. I play my music and have my water bottle handy. I can quit whenever I am tired or sore or out of time, and I don’t need to run back home.

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