Totally got swindled into a bad house

I was a total goober and didn’t get a home inspection.

  • I just bought my house from a local guy I knew my whole life.

I figured he wouldn’t screw me over. When he said the electric, plumbing and HVAC all were good, I figured he was telling the truth. I figured I was getting a good deal for the house since I considered him an honest man. I have found that people turn into a different animal when it comes to money. I overpaid for the house and I got screwed on everything inside. The seller took the washer, dryer and all the light fixtures. He also left a ton of garbage and furniture he didn’t want. What really stinks is the house is not in that great of condition. The wiring frequently trips and I am in the dark. The water pressure in the shower and faucets is just pitiful. The worst is that I think I am going to need a brand new HVAC system. I saw a sticker on the side of the HVAC equipment that said it was over 15 years old. I also saw the last service it was given was over 5 years ago. The HVAC machine makes really unhappy noises when I turn it on and off. If the heater is on, it smells like burning hair in the entire house. The AC really just feels like slightly hot air blowing around the house. I am a little afraid to call a HVAC contractor. I am thinking I am going to have either a hefty HVAC repair bill or need a whole new HVAC device.

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