Tree roots get into ductwork

We can’t afford for it to ruin our ductwork again

For some reason, the coldest room in our house is the bathroom. When the air conditioner is on, the bathroom is freezing cold. This is not fun when you get out of the shower and are hit by a blast of freezing cold air. The temperature varies in the rest of the house too. Some rooms are warmer than others. We tried to ignore this issue for as long as we could. However, when the air conditioner stopped reaching our bedroom at all, we knew it was time to call the air conditioner repair company. The HVAC company showed up and did a cursory review of our HVAC system. Then they climbed under the house and checked the ductwork. They explained that tree roots had gotten into our ductwork and was blocking off the air flow to parts of the house. The bathroom was the first place that the vents went and that is why more air was being diverted into the bathroom. The bedroom, on the other hand, was completely sealed off from getting any cooled air. All of our ductwork had to be taken apart, cleaned out, and have the tree roots removed. This cost quite a bit but once they were done, it made a huge difference. The whole house was cooled uniformly and the bathroom was no longer freezing. We will have to do something about the tree that caused so much trouble. Unfortunately, it will probably have to be cut down. We can’t afford for it to ruin our ductwork again. Besides, who knows what kind of damage it is also doing to our plumbing as well.

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