Trees in the wind

Oh how I love the spring.

I love that time of the year when it is right before summer hits and you get the great air quality and all the beautiful trees are in bloom.

However, right at the beginning of the summer those beautiful trees that bloomed in the spring begin to cause me issues. With the warm wind blowing a lot, it blows around the allergens that those trees carry, and this sets off my allergies. It is like I have no way to avoid it! I get itchy eyes, itchy nose and I sneeze a whole lot. It really is horrible! I knew I had to do something about it, so I called my local air quality experts to see if they had any suggestions, and indeed they did. They told me that if I invested in a whole home air purification system I would be able to fight off the allergies that the warm summer wind was blowing into the air quality. This was wonderful news! The only drawback to getting a whole home air purification system was that is was so darn expensive. But, I was able to take a loan out from my bank and fund the purchase and installation of the whole home air purification system. The air quality experts that I bought the whole home air purification system from gave me a great deal on it. They were selling it to me for half off its regular price, which in turn saved me a few thousand dollars! Once the whole home air purification system was in, I was completely allergy free!



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