Try these energy saving tips if you’re utility bill is high each month

When I stepped into adulthood, I was both shocked and disgusted at the amount of responsibility that was suddenly on my plate.

It felt like after 20 years of being in school, I was not properly prepared to take on some of the most important things.

It’s quite frustrating to feel as though I’ve wasted so many years of education. I quickly learned that household appliances needed a lot more maintenance and care than I originally thought. When my utility bill for my 600 sq ft apartment was more than $300 for the first few months I lived there, I finally brought it up to my dad who gave me some very valuable tips to keep the cost low. First, he told me that I need to tell my landlord to regularly send out an HVAC technician every few months to clean the air ducts, and make sure they are properly sealed. If the air ducts aren’t sealed properly, the air conditioner has to work sometimes twice as hard to push hair through the vent. Lost air contributes to the cost being high. He also told me to limit how often I adjust the thermostat, and try to keep the temperature within ten degrees of what it is outside during the summer, and within twenty degrees of the outside temperature in the winter. This helped me a lot as I was adjusting the temperature multiple times a day recently. The third thing that really helped me was to make sure that the air filters are replaced regularly so that the air purifier doesn’t have to work too hard to clean the air, hence, bringing up the price. I’m so glad that I’m learning all of these things before I have a family.

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