Try This Simple Chicken Recipe When You’re in a Pinch

This recipe is so simple to make yet tastes so good.

Just heat up a frying pan with olive oil and cut up an onion into small chunks and fry it.

Then add a half of a orange bell pepper, also chopped up, and continue to fry for another more than six minutes with the onion. Add in a few chicken breasts and cover and cook on medium low for about 2 hours. I add some mixed yellow spices and salt and pepper also. It has such a good flavor and is so easy to make that I have it quite often. I run our HEPA filter exhaust fan while I cook to remove the aroma however if you don’t have an exhaust fan the aroma is still legitimately pleasant. I prefer to keep our arena nice and wash and am thrilled I purchased this robot vacuum cleaner to assist me in doing so. The people I was with and I are getting our Heating and Air Conditioning system cleaned this week, and our lovely lady Kat is going to be here to let the guys in when they come because I’ll be working in the office this week. The people I was with and I haven’t had the unit worked on in a long time so all of us are due for a single. I suppose they are going to bring us a new HEPA filter because ours is aged and all of us also wanted a washable type so all of us are not throwing away so much garbage. Kat has a daughter who likes to play around with our robot vacuum and it is entirely funny to watch. The people I was with and I have such a good life here.


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