Try to think of it as a necessary evil.

My father was a frugal man. If you talk to my mom, she seems to think of his frugality in terms of miserly. I think he just doesn’t like to waste money. He always said that when he retired, he wasn’t going to need to worry about money. Mom agreed with this, but she still wanted to have nice things. Dad would roll his eyes and tell her that there were more important things than just having ‘nice’ things. That was the only time they argued. When he began to do his own HVAC maintenance, mom was furious. She told him there was no way he was going to be able to maintain the HVAC system as well as the HVAC company would be able to. She thought he was just asking for more problems with the already aged air conditioning unit and furnace. He argued with her over this and told her he was just saving money. He could do the same thing as any HVAC technician. When the air conditioning unit quit blowing cold air into the house, mom started with her ‘I told you so’ speech. Dad was the one to be furious this time. He said it wasn’t anything he had done. When the HVAC technician arrived, he found that the fan blades were twisted and put back onto the hub improperly. Mom told him that was what happens when you do your own maintenance. The HVAC tech laughed and told dad to think of HVAC maintenance as a necessary evil. Dad was not amused by mom or the technician.


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