Trying out a jump rope system

For my birthday, my son purchased me a jump rope system.

At first, I was skeptical of this fancy rope set. I’ve always made jump roping a big part of my daily workout and gotten by just fine with a plain leather rope with weighted wooden handles. The new ropes are made of some type of smooth, synthetic material and there’s a variety of thickness and weights. I have a quarter-pound, half-pound, one-pound and two-pound rope to choose from. They are interchangeable with the same set of handles. The metal connection between the rope and the handles is easy and quick to operate and allows the rope to rotate very smoothly. There is a huge difference between the different weights, and they each provide unique benefits. The new jump rope system eliminates the problem of the rope knotting, tangling or fraying. Because it was designed specifically for someone of my exact height, it’s much easier for me to use. I’ve significantly increased my jumping skills since I received my birthday gift. I’ve taught myself how to do criss-crosses and double-unders. I enjoy jumping so much more and I’m getting a far better workout. I find it enjoyable to work on new skills. I’ve increased my pace and have noticed an improvement in my stamina and muscle tone. The only drawback to these ropes is that they tend to get damaged when jumping on pavement. I’ve solved this by purchasing a rubber mat. The mat protects the condition of the ropes and always provides a bit of a cushion for my feet.
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