Trying out a new grocery store

Every week I go to the grocery store to do my entire weeks worth of shopping.

I thought that the store that I visited weekly would always be my favorite.

That was until while on vacation I wanted some snacks so I decided to stop by a nearby store. I had never heard of this store before but as soon as I entered I was amazed. The store was very neat and clean, the staff very friendly and the variety of items they carried was immense. They even had a lounge area for customers. After shopping for my items and purchasing them I decided I wanted to open one of my bags of chips for a quick bite to eat. I went to the lounge area and as soon as I entered I felt a wonderful cool breeze hit me. I observed that this cool breeze was coming from the a/c vent above me. The store had even decorated the a/c unit, it was one of those big commercial air conditioning units you see in public buildings. Everything about this store was amazing including the air conditioning. The air conditioner looked to be one of the expensive models, from my observations it appeared to be a ductless multi split air conditioner and even the air quality was excellent. After I went home from vacation I was determined to find one in my area, and after a brief internet search I was successful and this became my regular go-to shopping store. The following week when it was time for me to go shopping again, for the first time in a long time I was excited to visit this new store in my neighborhood.

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