Trying to be more physical

I work totally from home on my computer.

I am always sitting down typing, taking calls and putting spreadsheets together.

I later realized that all my favorite things to do have me stationary as well. I like to lay on my sunchair and read a book. Additionally I find it really enjoyable to create pipes out of wood. I am never standing up and moving around. When I was in my 20s, that wasn’t an issue. Now that I have turned thirty, I have noticed a difference in my muscles. My neck, back and shoulders feel tight now. I am constantly in pain and due to this, I struggle sleeping at night. My wife has encouraged stretching and exercise. Since I have never done either of these in my life, I sought out professional help. Thankfully there was a health and fitness center near me that offered one on one fitness training. I got a personal trainer to work with me an hour four days a week. On the weekends I try to ride my bike, go for a jog or swim at the local pool. It is nice during the week not needing to worry about working out. The fitness expert has me do a 10-15 minute stretch before we work out and then we end with a light stretch. My neck has so much more mobility now. Getting a good cardio workout has also helped me sleep better at night. I just feel overall better now that I am making fitness a priority. I should have made this change years ago.

Workout program