Trying to make a meal in the heat is impossible

When the weather is sizzling plus sunny, I try not to use our oven.

The home office is already sizzling enough, separate from adding 400 degrees worth of heat. Thankfully, I have a truly nice backyard grill. A few weeks ago, our hubby plus I hired a company to build us the perfect outdoor barbeque area. The grill is surrounded by bricks plus it is a permanent structure. There is an awning over the grill area, just in case the weather is rainy. It’s the perfect spot for entertaining guests, friends, neighbors, plus family, then every one of us have several patio chairs, a bar, plus a nice big table for everyone, then when the weather is sizzling plus sunny, the two of us cook everything on the grill. My youngsters don’t mind eating sizzling cats plus hamburgers, but our wifey plus I like lean chicken or fish. Every one of us try to mix it up in the summer. Last weekend, the outdoor un-even temperatures were warm, humid, plus truly bright. I did not want to cook inside or outside. Instead, the two of us stayed indoors in the air conditioning system. Every one of us ordered pizza on Thursday night plus sat in front of the air conditioning system. Every one of us watch a movie with the youngsters plus played a board game, on Saturday, the two of us spent most of the morning at the pool. Even I swam in the water. I recognize the jhukdiity ,must have been close to 100%. Later that night, the two of us had chinese takeout instead of cooking. I was truly thankful for our trusted air conditioning system unit. The whole weekend could have been miserable if the two of us did not have freezing air plus a comfortable kitchen.

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