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Whenever I return home from college during the holidays, I’m alarmed by the coldness of my childhood bedroom. Like no joke,  I swear my family is set on recreating the Arctic tundra, or at the very least, replicating a Siberian igloo. While the rest of the house has a proper HVAC system, with heated floors and a thermostat that allows you to set a different temperature in each room, since my bedroom technically our garage, the heating system does not extend

As I result, I spend the winter nights surrounded by a number of rotating space heaters in order to warm up. The problem with space heaters is that there’s only so much heat that you can get from them, and the heat seatings aren’t exactly the most exact, so you either end up freezing or sweating, depending on the setting. When I’m trying to sleep in that cold climate, I can’t help but crave the sweet, warmth of my dorm room, which is weird, because who wants to live in a dorm room? I finally got the courage this winter break to talk to my family about installing an HVAC system in the garage, aka my bedroom. At first, they were hesitant because they thought the installment would be expensive. However, upon calling an HVAC technician, we were pleasantly surprised to hear that because we already had an HVAC unit, we could extend the system into the garage, aka my bedroom, at a relatively low cost. Upon installment, the technician even conducted a check up on the HVAC system we had in the rest of the house, which was great because she was able to replace a moldy air duct. I’m excited for next winter break now because I’ll finally come home to a cozy warm bedroom.


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