Trying to work with office rentals during a desperate time

Let me just say that now is not the nicest time to be an agent. Scheduling walkthroughs plus meetings is something that is for now not even possible, except via webcam plus Facetimes plus other programs like that. I was just starting to get some momentum going on with our agency, plus then this virus swept through the area plus put all of us on lockdown for God knows how long! My next step is attempting to adapt to this as best as I can. I still look out for our buyers plus myself… The real complication is this — nobody wants to look at company office rentals at a time when so many companies are on the verge of going bankrupt… Opening a company now would be sort of like taking your seat when the Titanic was on the way down, so of course commercial office rentals are going to take a major hit just as everyone else. If anything, artisan lofts for rent will surge, because in a locale such as that a person can work as well as live. I believe that heading forward that sort of combined space, with living areas as well as company office rentals in the same structure will continue to grow a great deal in popularity. I don’t want to say that the world of company office rentals has changed forever, however it most unquestionably changed for the moment. Trying to remain on the splitting edge of this current era in office space for rent will be incredibly difficult, although I will deliver it my very best. I need to continue to earn my rep as the top company office space rental agent in the area.


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