Tumbling workout is better with HVAC

I am a gymnast and I do a tumbling based work out everyday. I do front walkovers, back walkovers, cartwheels, back handsprings and tucks. Each item has a whole work out day set to it. No matter what day it is, I need to have quality HVAC though. I found that heating and air really does affect how I tumble. I prefer doing my tumbling outside. I like having the fresh breeze and not disturbing my boyfriend inside. The problem is that the weather is sometimes horrible. If it just rained the moisture in the air quality really affects my stretching. I am really tight and I don’t perform as well. Really humid and hot weather makes it so I get super sweaty. I worry about slipping on my mats when I go to tumble. I could really hurt myself. Too cold of weather makes me not as flexible. It also is hard to warm up to prevent injury. If the water is too drastic one way or the other, I do make myself tumble inside. It is so much better having heating and cooling. I don’t need to push a warm up or hurry through it. I can always stretch easy when I have good climate control. I wish there was a way to have quality HVAC while working outside. I mean I could hook up a generator and get portable HVAC. But, the heating and air would be literally blowing outside. I would hardly feel the heating or AC. So I just have to decide if I want the fresh breeze or good climate control.


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