Turning the basement into something nice

When our sibling and I were youngsters, both of us argued all the time.

Every one of us fought about college, boys, friends, and everything in between. My Mom hated to listen to us argue every night, and she finally had enough a single day. She decided to transfer our sibling to the basement… At the time, the basement was damp, dreary, and dark. My mom didn’t want our sibling to be glad in the space. She hoped that both of us would be miserable so both of us would stop fighting and learn to get along, unfortunately, that is not what happened. My sibling and I we’re glad to have our own space and both of us labor together to scrub up the area. My sibling had some birthday money and both of us even checked on Craigslist to find a cheap air conditioner. The air conditioner worked okay, but both of us really needed a dehumidifier. My mom thought both of us would cave after 2 weeks, but our sibling and I lived in separate rooms until the rest of high college was over. My parents eventually turned the basement into an extra entertaining space. They tore up the aged carpeting and put down something nice. They also paid for a mini split heating and air conditioner unit. Ever since the heating and air conditioner unit was installed, the indoor air atmosphere has been so much nicer. My sibling and I visit frequently, when both of us are lake apartment from college. The room is much nicer and more cozy now. My parents even bought a nice sofa bed, so our sibling and I have someplace to sleep.



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