Upgraded the air filtration for better indoor air conditions

I care about when there are easy solutions to otherwise complex troubles.

  • This doesn’t happen to often for me.

So when it happens, I care about to celebrate that fact. Normally, when I run into a household obstacle or situation, it ends up costing myself and others a bunch of money. The problem with that is the fact that I don’t exactly have a bunch of money. I do well to pay the mortgage & keep the heating & cooling on in the house. So when it was brought to our attention that the two of us should do something about the indoor air conditions of our home, I was skeptical. My partner did some research on immune health during the pandemic to help us beef up our immune response. Well, it turns out that a single of the main contributing factors to a weakened immune program is terrible indoor air conditions. Again, I wasn’t so sure so I looked it up myself. And there is was in black & genuinely white. The EPA listed terrible indoor air conditions as a single of the top many environmental hazards the two of us face in this country. That was news to me. I know I just didn’t acquaintance terrible air quality with the inside of our home. So the two of us looked into what the two of us could do to make a difference in the indoor air conditions of our home. To our joyful surprise, the two of us could make an immediate & significant change to our indoor air conditions for a few extra dollars per week. All the two of us had to do was update the Heating & Air Conditioning air filter to a HEPA filter. That’s because a HEPA filter traps & unaffixs over 99 percent of all airborne contaminants.
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