Upgrading to zone control to conserve energy in a very big house

Having six children, my husband and I needed a very large house, with lots of bedrooms.

While the kids were growing up, our huge home was perfect for us.

Each of our children had the privacy of their own bedroom. Our enormous kitchen accommodated a big enough table so that we could all sit down to dinner together. An expansive living room allowed for two full-sized couches and a couple of recliners. Now that the kids have grown up and moved out, we’ve needed to make some changes. My husband and I are unwilling to sell the house and find something smaller. Not only is the house full of good memories, but our kids frequently come home to visit. However, keeping the house doesn’t mean we want to maintain all those empty rooms at the perfect temperature. We live in an area with very extreme weather, and we rely heavily on the furnace and air conditioner. Our energy bills for such a large house were enormous. My husband and I finally consulted with a local HVAC contractor, asking for some recommendations. He suggested that we upgrade the heating and cooling system to include zone control. While the improvement wasn’t exactly cheap, it has paid for itself in energy savings. With the installation of valves into the ductwork and thermostats into each room, we now have the ability to set independent temperatures. We only keep the rooms we regularly use at a comfortable temperature. By not conditioning the majority of the house, we save a ton of money on our utility bills. Plus, we’ve decreased the workload on the furnace and air conditioner. The whole HVAC system should last longer and succumb to fewer malfunctions.



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