Upgrading to zoning saves money on heating and cooling –

I live in a very large, old house with lots of rooms, big windows and high ceilings.  Because I am located in the northeastern part of the country, heating and cooling is a major concern.  Trying to maintain a comfortable temperature in my home is an expensive challenge. I was wasting a great deal of energy and money keeping empty rooms at the perfect temperature.  I did some research and learned about the benefits of zone control. The upgrade was not all that involved or expensive, and was definitely cost-effective. I hired a local HVAC professional to install a series of valves into the ductwork which allows me to target heating and cooling to specific rooms.  The addition of a thermostat in each room lets me customize independent temperature. I no longer live with rooms that are overheated or far too chilly. I’m not spending money to heat or cool unused rooms, and my family members are able to tailor temperature to their personal preferences. I further invested into a smart thermostat which provides a central control for the whole home.  With wifi connectivity, I have access to programming and adjustment from my smartphone. Whether I’m curled into bed at night, stuck at the office, or half a world away on vacation, I use the companion app to check in on the heating and cooling system. I get alerts for a power outage, sudden temperature fluctuation or the need for system maintenance. Because I can make adjustments to temperature, I further trim heating/cooling costs, and my family always returns home to ideal comfort.  

HVAC zone control