Used the car wash to cool my car down

I seriously hate it when you have a broken down air conditioning appliance in your car. This is what I was dealing with the other week when I went to get my vehicle washed. I go to this particular vehicle wash which is a do it yourself vehicle wash that includes hand held hoses and also the automatic thing where your vehicle goes through and gets washed by a machine. With my air conditioning appliance being out when I went to the vehicle wash, I have to say that I felt so refreshed just feeling the breeze from the water washing the car. Also, when it was done going through the machine, the vehicle was a little cool on the inside because of the frigid water that just soaked the vehicle itself. I was entirely on my way to the auto garage to get the central air conditioning appliance fixed so this was a way to make it a little bit easier going on the drive. My auto garage I go to was about half an hour away, so I had a little bit of a drive with no air conditioning appliance. This was why I made the choice to go get the vehicle washed! Because I knew that the frigid water would help cool the vehicle down a good amount to where I would be able to make that 30 minute drive with absolutely no working air conditioning appliance in the least. When I arrived at the auto garage the mechanic asked me what was wrong with my car. When I told him it was the air conditioning appliance, he knew precisely what the setback was and how to fix it.
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