Visiting the slopes

My wife and I recently went up to the mountains for a vacation.

It may have been the summer, but we wanted to go to a place that got cold weather.

This was a welcome break from the heat that we were having in our hometown down in the southern part of the country. It was so much cooler and beautiful up in the mountains. The hotel where we spent a few days was nearly ten thousand feet up and it was a famous ski hotel. Despite the fact that it was summer, there were still people up on the slopes for the last days before the snow would melt too much. My wife and I couldn’t believe it when there were snow flurries the first couple days we were there. Winter just didn’t seem to want to let go in this area. We didn’t even need to turn on the heat in our hotel room either. I think we used the heat a little bit at night, but not much. The last couple of days we spent there did not even use the heat at night. We were quiet when we didn’t need to use the heating or cooling system. Of course, we knew throughout most of the year around here, that it was quite freezing and often snowing. However, we had come at a perfect time for wonderful weather. When we came back home and had to take a break from the heat and turn on the air conditioning, but we were already missing our vacation!
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