Wait until your father gets home.

There are few words that will make a child either cower or laugh, quicker than when you hear ‘Wait until your father gets home.’. In our home, that usually meant that Dad didn’t think how to punish us plus she had to wait until dad got loft to discuss it. Occasionally, it meant that if she tried to punish us, she was going to start laughing plus after that I would think both of us didn’t do anything wrong. The only time both of us knew both of us were really in trouble, was when our sister plus I broke the window a/c unit. Our room never really had superb a/c so Dad plus dad bought us a window AC unit for our family room. Both of us were roughhousing 1 evening, which both of us weren’t supposed to be doing in our family room. She consistently said that 1 of us was going to end up falling out the window. Since both of us were on the minute floor, I was sure it would have very been myself and others plus I would be hurt. I was the youngest. Instead of us going through the window, the a/c fell out the window. It was enjoy seeing in slow motion as the a/c started to transport plus then fell. Both of us watched as it fell to the ground plus blew up into many, many pieces. Dad was coming across the driveway when she saw the AC unit break apart. Both of us locked the family room door when she shook her fist plus said, ‘Wait until your father gets home.’ Both of us had never seen Dad angrier in our entire twelve years of life.
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