Waking up with no heat

Two years ago when I got a job offer that would require me to move up to the far northern section of the country I was extremely excited to say the least. I was looking forward to the new scenery, the new friends, and this new job. While it is true that I was expecting everything to be fantastic, things haven’t exactly panned out that way so far. One of the things that seemed to kickstart my dislike for living in the cold was when my heater broke down in my condo in the middle of the night on my first day living there. Having never dealt with a problem with a heater before I had to google what I was supposed to do next to avoid freezing my rear end off. After getting no responses from at least a dozen HVAC companies in the area there was one company that had on-call HVAC services that I could afford. The kind service tech Alan was able to come out and fix the heater without much problem at all. In fact, with how much I paid and how quickly it took him to get it blowing warm air again I was left wondering why I had to pay so much money. Regardless, I was just happy to have warm air again. Guess what happened next week at around the same time? That’s right, the heater broke down again. In hindsight I think that was some sort of sign sent out to me telling me to get back down south where it is warm, because things have just gone from bad to worse and I can’t wait to move back home!
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