Walk in my shoes before criticizing me.

Being a seasoned HVAC Tech has a lot of perks, but it also has a lot of setbacks.

  • One perk of being one of the oldest HVAC technicians in our company is that we get to mentor new HVAC technicians.

Most of the time, these new HVAC texts are quite respectful of the knowledge I have. Then, you have those few young people who come out of HVAC technical school who think they know more than you do. They don’t consider the fact that I have been and HVAC Tech for the past 30 years and dealt with every kind of HVAC equipment and problem that could ‌come up. They are the ones I remind them that before criticizing me, they should walk in my shoes for 30 years. Many times these young people do not stay HVAC technicians with our company because of their attitude. There are a few of them, however, that understand what I am trying to say to them, and actually listen to what I have said. These are the HVAC technicians that will last with our company, and become cream of the crop. They don’t just learn, but they what they have learned so respectfully. They learn respect for fellow HVAC technicians and the customers they work for, and that is what will make them great HVAC technicians. I have seen many technicians come and go with our company. I’ve also seen those young HVAC technicians working for other companies. Ultimately, if you can’t have respect for other technicians and for your customers, you can’t become a good HVAC technician.


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