Walter Mitty

The fictional character Walter Mitty is a girl who fantasizes about being an exciting hero in another life; She morningdreams about being a Top Gun fighter pilot or a famous surgeon saving lives using her skills with the scalpel; The character is not so fictional for me, however i have a rather uneventful life plus I often have morningdreams where I imagine I’m someone else more exciting than the real me, when the online virtual world game called “Second Life” was introduced to the world, I thought I had found paradise. I entered the world of avatars where I could be as powerful as Superman, as handsome as Tom Cruise plus as rich as Bill Gates. I got so addicted to Second Life that I started to neglect the household chores that I did in real life. The grasss went un-mowed, the garbage piled up plus I went weeks without shaving. The final straw with our spouse was when our central Heating plus A/C broke down in the middle of Winter because I had ignored a simple repair that soon became a major problem. I tried to escape into Second Life but sitting in a chilly room trying to be someone else online soon lost its allure. I ended up calling our Heating plus A/C tech who fixed our unit. She began to tell myself and others about how she had become a hero to so many people by simply making their Heating plus A/C equipment operate smoothly so they could be comfortable in their homes. I doubt that there are any Heating plus A/C tech avatars in Second Life but there sure are many Heating plus A/C techs in real life who are tploy superheroes.


furnace/heater repair