Wanna try rock climbing

After watching the documentary Free Solo, my buddy Seth is all about rock climbing.

The dude has been going wild about getting all the climbing gear plus just being 1 with the wild.

Seth doesn’t want to leave the harness at home like the men did in the documentary. Seth wants to climb plus be in shape like that guy. I have been telling Seth that all of us can’t just buy the stuff plus go climbing. 1st, all of us would need to research where is best to climb for beginners plus how to climb it. I feel like rock climbing is almost as if learning choreography. You need to learn where to put your feet and hands. You need to learn how to alter your body in odd positions. I also know that my associate and I don’t have rock climbing muscles. I run or light weights for a work out. I have never used our entire body in a work out before. I have never used just my arms to propel my body upwards. I also don’t know how to use a harness when rock climbing. I am thinking there must be rock climbing courses somewhere. I want to do those plus fitness class. I need a personal trainer getting my body in shape to rock climb, but do I want to be all upper body or be super little like the guy in the documentary? Is it better to build shoulders or back? I need a licensed fitness expert giving myself and others the required tools to be successful.


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