Want to get zone control in the next update

My current HVAC unit is 17 years old. It makes a really high pitched noise when it operates and constantly leaks water. Obviously it is not going to live very long. My fiance and I have discussed what the next HVAC unit will be. I don’t want a device that is stored inside of a HVAC closet. It takes up room and looks ugly. I also need more storage. I also want zone control. With a ductless heat pump or mini split, you can have these things. The device also provides heating and cooling in a single unit. You are up to 8 indoor air handlers with one outdoor unit. I counted and I have seven rooms in the house that I would put an air handler in. I then would get a thermostat for each space so that they could have their own heating and air conditioning program. My fiance and I don’t share a room because our temperature needs are so opposite. Right now we run the air conditioner while I layer myself in thick blankets. If we had zone control, I could just not have AC over the summer and sleep with a sheet. It would definitely save money. We both have a laundry room that is only used once a week. Why are we bothering to provide HVAC for this space? During the daytime the two of us are gone a lot. It would be so nice to only provide heating during the winter in areas with piping. The rest can just freeze. It would be the financially smart decision to do a mini split with zone control.


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