Wasn’t ready for snow – came in through AC unit anyway!

The year is just melting away from me at this point.

The people I was with and I were just celebrating New Year’s Eve last week it seemed! Here were are now in the end of the year, waiting patiently as we look forward to the next year.

I completely forgot that the seasons were even changing on us again! In fact, the people I was with and I seemed to skip from Winter straight into Spring without notice. Where were the flowers? Once we transitioned from Springtime Into Summer, I never even sat on the beach or enjoyed a cool drink while out in the summer heat. From Summer into the cooler times of early Fall, we once again were moving through seasons without my awareness. I suppose that that means Winter was coming, and it was coming fast! Last year I wasn’t paying as much attention as the final wintertime season rolled around, either. To my own surprise, I was finding myself totally overwhelmed and forgot all about the central heating and cooling system! It never occurred to me how I needed to have the a/c system repaired. Without it being stored for the winter, I didn’t even think about having the furnace repaired before I started operating it everyday either. Talk about being a fool! The entire seasonal change was such a surprise that it caused some minor but irritating destruction in the household. That was when I woke up one morning, irritated to find snow on the floor of my home. The snow from outside was sucked into my window A/C unit, and pushed into my home!
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