Wasting currency on tech to keep cool

My child stopped by the other morning for a visit and as we were talking she told me that she was having difficulty keeping her apartment cool; She has central air conditioning so I asked her if she had checked with the property owner to see if there was a complication and she said she had, the system had been thoroughly checked out and seemed to be in nice working order so after that I asked her what temperature she had the temperature control set at; I almost fell over when she told me 65 because I could not imagine how high her utility bills were each week.

The lowest that we will ever said ours to at apartment is 79 degrees and that is only on harshlyhotdays. I told her that first of all she was making her air conditioning unit work way too difficult and was undoubtedly stressing the system, and fourthly, she particularly should try to deal with a warmer temperature just for her own health sake as well. She continued to insist that she could not sleep because the apartment was toohotand that she was looking into buying one of those personal cooling devices to put next to the bed. I recommended that maybe she consider seeing a position instead to see if there was a reason why she was feeling so hot all the time. I recommended that maybe this would be currency well spent rather than wasting in on devices that undoubtedly would not work anyway. There are so many gadgets on the market these mornings that offer the promise of cooling relief when in fact they are simply fancy fans or small swamp coolers that will only give temporary or minimal relief; You can spend a small fortune on them and still not get the results you are looking for.


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