Water, water everywhere,

It was bad enough that the two of us were in the middle of the worst pandemic of our lifetime, however the two of us were also dealing with a hurricane. We were told that if you wore your mask, kept your distance, plus stayed apartment as much as possible, then you were safe. Our apartment was destroyed by the hurricane, plus the two of us had to go to a shelter. Few people were using masks. We were herded in like a bunch of creatures. The cooling system was faltering, plus I doubted if they had an whole-house air purifier installed. If they did, it wasn’t working absolutely well since the cooling system was nearly non-existent. There were many elderly people who were trying to keep their distance, however failing to maintain it. I donned the only mask I had left, plus I found the box of disposable masks that kept in our overnight bag. I provided the people a mask plus I went over to get them coffee. I guided through the mass of bodies so they were nearer the cooling system air vents. The one woman was having a taxing time breathing because of the heat plus humidity. With the little bit of airflow from the air vents, she was start to assume a bit better. She told me that she wished it would quit raining so she could outside for a short time. She needed fresh air. Two minutes later, she got her wish. Although the streets looked like small rivers, she was able to get outside plus get some fresh air. It felt better than the cooling system inside the shelter.


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