Ways I manage my stress

I have to be careful and not let my stress levels overtake me. I can get stressed out about the dumbest and littlest things. It is not unusual for me to have a full blown freak out when I feel my house is dirty. I feel worried about work, driving to a new city, going on vacation, the list is endless. Since I am so keyed up all the time I need to do things that calm me down. I am really big into meditation. Before bed I like to take a moment and meditate. I roll out a folding mat, put on calming music, just sit down and let my mind go. I also do a lot of reading, drawing and writing to get my mind focused on other topics. The best is that I am now taking a yoga class at the local gym. I do yoga four days a week now because it has been so beneficial. The classes range from being a hardcore workout, to just a peaceful session. I do half and half. Some Days it is nice to go into class and get really tired, sweaty and sore. Other days I really just want to wind down, stretch and calm my mind. It is so relaxing that I have trouble not falling asleep during class. No matter the session, I know I am doing good for my body. I get to relax my mind, stretch out my body and improve flexibility. I feel this is a better and healthier alternative to drinking, smoking and eating my feelings.