We are finally getting a new air conditioning system at work

I have worked for the same company for over fifteen years now.

  • It is not really that I love what I do.

It is that I love the people that I work with everyday. I have some of the best coworkers on the planet, and my manager is the sweetest person ever. She works so hard to make sure that everyone under her is fully trained and equipped for the task that they are given. I have never once heard her raise her voice at anyone even if they were annoying her on purpose. It is for these reasons that I have stayed with this company for so long. It has not been an easy fifteen years especially not during the summer months because the air conditioning system at work has never worked well. It does not cool the building hardly at all. It is always warm and stuffy in the building no matter where you are at. I have a fan in my office that I keep pointed at me all day long in order to stay cool enough. It was hard to deal with, and one of my coworkers quit working there after just a couple of years because they could not stand the heat of the summer months. I was so happy when we were called to a meeting yesterday, and we were told that a new air conditioning system was being installed next week throughout the entire building. We would no longer have to suffer through the brutal summer months. The entire crowd cheered with delight as we were told about the new air conditioning system. I really hope that all goes as planned, and we will have a new air conditioning system by the end of next week.


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