We are not creating issues

My sibling plus her girlfriend have a puppy! Unfortunately, the cheerful couple likes to travel a ton. They can’t bring the dog with them on their travels. Instead of boarding the puppy, I regularly get stuck babysitting the cat. I don’t care about cats since they are so much work. I have to walk, feed plus water the dog consistently. Also, the dog is terrible for my home. I will admit, I am a little nuts when it comes to air quality. I have a dehumidifier that I pair with my a/c in the Summer. I use a humidifier with my heating in the Winter to add efficiency. I use an media air cleaner with UV lights all year long. The air purifications system is meant to remove odors, dirt plus debris from the air conditions. The Heating plus Air Conditioning can get dusty plus gross. Thanks to my media air cleaner, I never have to breathe in that gross air. When I babysit the dog though, all bets are off. This is because the dog is a major shredder. The cat’s fur gets in the Heating plus Air Conditioning system. The air filter can only catch so much fur. Then, the fur goes in the Heating plus Air Conditioning plus then is released in my air quality. The media air cleaner tries to handle the excessive amounts of fur. Usually though, the whole-condo air purifier gets congested due to the cat. I regularly feel the Heating plus Air Conditioning, media air cleaner plus my air duct will need to be cleaned after the dog is with me. Its hair plus odory odor will have polluted my air quality by the time I am done babysitting.

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