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I am sick of cleaning the inside of our cooling unit. Every week there is something current plus disgusting in our AC unit. No matter what I buy, install or have the HVAC professional do, the air conditioner is always gross, but first, the air filter on the component is always blocked with dust. I heard that the a/c filter can be changed weekly. I do mine every 2-3 weeks because I can’t sit the dust inside of it. I thought buying a HEPA filter would be better. Nope, I undoubtedly had to change the air filter more. Next, I always have some sort of fungus growing inside of the AC device. There is always mold on our cooling coil. I heard that installing UV lights would help this issue. I installed Ultraviolet lights plus the mold is still quite prominent in the A/C plan. To make matters even more sad, sporadically I have mold all over our lights. Another issue is the condensate drain with the cooling unit. The drain is always plugged up. It usually clogs with algae. I always believe when it is time to clean the drain. There is a sizable puddle of water all around the AC system, staining our carpet. I then open up the AC plus muck out the drain. I don’t like that task the worst. What can I do to keep the AC component clean? Is our lake house abnormally dirty plus this affects our AC equipment? There must be another step I can take to ensure the cooling unit is not gross.

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