We bought a new HVAC unit for our new home

After nearly two years of searching, my husband Jake and I finally purchased our first house. It is a 3-bedroom home with a 2-car garage. One of the reasons why we settled on this house was because we knew several people in this area, and the best part is, my parents live just a few hours away. Jake and I also know a lot of the locals who work in the stores and boutiques in town. Having these connections and relationships ended up coming in handy for us because after buying our house, we realized that we needed to have a new HVAC unit installed. There was a lot of damage caused from mold and rust that had built up from the previous owners, and we had no choice but to spend the money on a brand new unit. Jerry, who is one of my good friends from high school, owns a successful Heating & Air Conditioning company in town, so I decided to purchase the new HVAC unit from his company. When Jerry and I chatted and he heard about the horrible situation, he was able to offer us a brand new high-end HVAC device for a fraction of what they normally cost. It has been nearly three weeks since the new air conditioning unit has been installed, and it has outperformed our initial expectations. This may not be the ideal area where other young couples would want to live, but Jake and I are so happy to live here because of the connections we have with friends and my family is right around the corner.


HVAC system