We Bought Reflectix to Keep The Heat Out and The AIr In

When my wife and I purchased our old camper, we had no idea how difficult it would be to keep cool.

It’s only 22 feet long, which is short in terms of campers.

There is a large AC unit on the ceiling, which works just fine. Whenever we set the AC to cool and put the fan on high, it doesn’t take long for the cool air to come through the two vents attached to the AC unit. However, the AC unit doesn’t do a good job at spreading the cool air, because there are no floor vents like the modern campers. The cool air can only be felt coming directly from the air vents on the AC unit itself. To make matters worse, there are large windows on both ends of the camper. My wife and I love how much light this lets in, but with the sunlight comes intense heat. In fact, the AC unit can run and run all day long at max capacity, but it will never cool the camper if the sun is beating through the windows. We couldn’t replace the AC unit, and there was no sense in adding air vents throughout the floor because it would cost just as much as we’d spent on the old camper. Instead, we took a risk and bought a roll of reflectix for the windows. We cut each piece to fit each window perfectly, and we velcroed each piece onto the window frames. After putting each piece of reflectix onto the windows, it took only 30 minutes for our camper to feel cool again!

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