We Chose to Upgrade Our Thermostat

When my husband and I decided to upgrade our air conditioning system, we also decided to upgrade our thermostat. Our old thermostat was tired and sad looking. It was a small box that had yellowed from the years it had been mounted to the wall. It was so old that it wasn’t even programmable, meaning we had to manually change the temperature settings whenever we wanted something different. Instead of simply upgrading to a programmable thermostat though, we decided to install a smart thermostat. It was more expensive than a traditional thermostat, but for good reason. The smart thermostat we purchased was one of the most popular on the market because it could be connected to the WIFI and be controlled through our cell phones. This meant that we could change the temperature whenever and wherever we wanted. We were also able to look at the settings and how efficiently our HVAC system was running. The smart thermostat was still programmable, but it automatically programmed itself based on our temperature preferences and habits. The smart thermostat was capable of turning the temperature down when it learned when the two of us were out of the house most often. This was an incredible feature because it meant that we could save more money on our utility costs. Smart thermostats are expensive, but they are really good at running your HVAC system efficiently and keeping your utility bill low. This is why it made sense for us to upgrade our thermostat by splurging on a new smart thermostat.

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