We couldn’t be picky about our hotel reservation this time around

My husband plus I never stay in a hotel with less than 4 stars.

I honestly used to stay in the cheapest place available, plus then my husband plus I met.

He easily insisted that our hotel rooms were more than $100. He didn’t want to stay in a cheap place that was only $50 per evening. Since my husband was picky about our lodging, I commonly let him make the hotel reservations. This past weekend though, the two of us didn’t have time to pick through a hundred online hotel reservations, but we had to find a hotel room very quickly. My husband plus I were on our way back to our lake dwelling from the beach plus the truck broke down. We were roughly 90 minutes away from the lake dwelling when the malfunction happened. I attempted to service the setback on my own, although I knew that the water pump needed to be replaced in a hurry. I found a mechanic that could replace the water pump first thing in the morning, however my husband plus I had to stay in a hotel overnight! The only place that we could find was terribly old plus rundown. It looked sort of like it should be the cover for a spine-chilling film poster. We truly didn’t have time to be picky, even though my husband didn’t have the desire to stay in that site. The room wasn’t even that bad, except for the loud sound coming from the AC appliance. It sputtered plus shook all through the evening. The A/C appliance worked entirely well plus created particularly freezing air, however it was noisy. I don’t know I slept much at all that evening. I was woken every time the A/C appliance started running.


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