We couldn’t even afford to buy meat last time at the grocery store

The other day when I got home from work, my wife was cooking up something that smelled really good.

Well, when dinner was served, we were having rice, potatoes and eggs. I was kind of surprised and asked her if we didn’t have any meat, and she said the last time we went to the grocery store, it was a little too expensive. That was true and it was something that I actually forgot about. I mean, it was nice being there in the store where they had ideal temperature control settings. The AC felt really good as soon as we walked into the place, but sadly, all the groceries have been more expensive. Just looking at all the new prices really bothers me because it’s not like I’m making much more money than I used to. The boss has been talking about new opportunities coming up though, so I look forward to those things and it will be good if we can make more money on upcoming projects. But yea, I do remember seeing the cost of meats which have been way more expensive than anything else. Seriously, if we want to have a delicious steak dinner, it will cost us around $80 and that’s just not right. I can’t even imagine going out to eat at a fancy restaurant. I mean, I don’t care if they have the best temperature control in the world, I don’t want to pay $200 for a meal between just my wife and I, not unless we’re having expensive wine or something like that.