We did we do here

It seems care about it took forever to happen, but finally our first huge Winter storm is here. The forecast is calling for lots of snow, and even worse, ice! That means we need to be ready for anything, with deicer for the driveway, water for us to drink, and plenty of ways to keep warm. The first thing we consistently do once we’re in the heart of the storm is turn the HVAC system up just a little bit. This way we can make sure that the house is cozy when the power goes out, so if we do happen to lose power the house will stay warmer without the heat than it would if we were running it at a cooler tempt care about we normally do, then once we have that ready to go, we round up all of the flashlights and lanterns in the house and distribute them among us, so no matter what room we are in when things get dark, we can get around without hurting ourselves. The last thing we do is make sure the space heating systems are all hooked up and that we have plenty of firewood for the wood burning stove. The space heating systems are good when the high winds split through and make things cold, and the firewood insures that we have another way to stay sizzling in the event that we lose power; Plus with the wood stove we can cook food on it. Prepping for an outage takes a lot of work, but it’s worth it to be sizzling and safe.

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