We didn’t know what to do with the old air conditioning unit.

When the HVAC company installed our new air conditioning unit, they didn’t take the old air conditioning unit away.

My husband and I did not know what we were going to do with the old AC unit.

We tried calling recycling centers, but no one seemed to want to take it. Finally, my husband did what we should’ve done originally. We call the HVAC company that installed our new air conditioning unit. It had already been almost a month since the installation had been done, and we weren’t sure if they would now come back and take the old AC unit away. When the reception she asked why we had an old AC unit sitting in our yard? My husband tried to explain that we didn’t have it sitting in our yard, but their HVAC company had never taken it away. She took her name and address and told her she would be back in touch with us soon. Two weeks passed, and we still hadn’t heard from the HVAC company about taking the old AC unit. My husband got on the phone again and asked to speak to the owner of the HVAC company. The receptionist told him ‌he was not available to be spoken to, ‌but he would call us back. My husband was not having any more of our callbacks. He said he wanted to speak to a manager, or the owner of the HVAC company, or he would not hang up. At that point, I thought she would hang up on him, but ‌she told us ‌she would have someone there to pick up the AC unit within an hour.

a/c worker