We don’t have a lot of HVAC technicians in our town

We don’t have a lot of HVAC technicians in our town, and that needs to change before we find ourselves facing a huge problem.

  • The HVAC industry in our town used to be much larger.

HVAC technicians are very valuable workers, and our HVAC companies pay the HVAC technicians well to work for us. I am the owner of the largest HVAC company in my town, and I am friends with all of the owners of the other HVAC companies. We all used to work at the same HVAC company, and we have never slandered or worked against each other. Right now, we are all in the same boat anyway. We all have only a handful of HVAC technicians, and all of the HVAC technicians are over the age of 40. In nearly 25 years, there will be no HVAC technicians in our companies, and that means that the HVAC companies in our town will completely shut down. It is all because of the educational system in our town. Schools have been telling kids that working as an HVAC technician is only for those who don’t get good grades. People should all go to college and avoid a job like becoming an HVAC technician. However, HVAC technicians have certifications and training, and they are paid very well. Furthermore, the testing required to become an HVAC technician is difficult, and not everyone can do it. Without HVAC technicians, the entire country is going to face some serious problems. We need to encourage our kids to try a trade! We need more HVAC technicians.


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