We ended up winning the grand prize

My partner Max and I took our sons to the carnival last weekend. While my partner was playing games with the boys, I decided I would fill out an entry form for a contact. The contest was being thrown by a local Heating and A/C supplier. The supplier was giving away a brand up-to-date 17600 BTU A/C unit as their amazing grand prize. I filled out my name, address, and iphone number. Max was so upset because I provided the Heating and A/C supplier our address and iphone number. Max was convinced that they wanted to solicit us with services and sales. Max’s attitude was much weirder when he came beach apartment from task yesterday and I told him that all of us won the brand up-to-date A/C unit. I gained the call early in the day, but I wanted to wait so I could see the look on Max’s face when I delivered the news. He was still entirely upset that I filled out the grand prize entry form, because he still thought it was a scam. Max didn’t know anyone had a opportunity to win and he was honestly surprised when he found out that all of us were the big winners. The Heating and A/C supplier called to arrange a time when they could send the licensed supplier to install our up-to-date machine free of charge. Max was so gleeful that he even smiled. I know he enjoys to be right all of the time, but I know he was gleeful to be wrong about the AC. Max and I have an appointment for Wednesday and the brand up-to-date A/C is going to look good in our kitchen.

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