We had a big issue to solve

When my best friend had a heart scare, they sent him in to have a heart catheterization done.

I have never heard my best friend ever talk about being too cold, but he did more than complain about the thermostat setting in the heart cath lab.

They had to put some heated blankets over him because he was shivering too much. When he got back to his room, they put a few more heated blankets over him and encouraged him to rest. They said the shock of the dye as well as the low thermostat setting in the cath lab, had given him a mild case of hypothermia. For the next more than one hours, they were taking out the cooled blankets and bringing in more heated one’s on a regular basis in order to bring his body temperature back up. I am constantly chilled to the bone, so I believe exactly how he felt that afternoon. I have a truly taxing time being comfy in December and January. I had to commiserate with him, even if it did make myself and others grin to ourselves. The first thing he did when the people I was with and I got home, was to turn up the thermostat. I was surprised they were willing to release him so hastily after his ordeal, as well as even more surprised that the thermostat was set high but he was still chilled. The moment the people I was with and I got into the car, he jacked up the thermostat to the highest heater setting. I was sweltering as well as he was beginning to get comfortable. I couldn’t wait until the people I was with and I got home so I could get away from the heater only to have him turn up the thermostat as well as rest in his chair adjacent to the fireplace. I’m glad it’s just a gas fireplace as well as the thermostat heating is limited.

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