We had no choice but to purchase an HVAC unit for our new home

After 18 months of searching for a home, my husband and I were finally able to find one that was perfect for us.

It is a 3-bedroom duplex that was owned by friends of my parents. One important reason why we settled on this house was that we were familiar with the area and the people living close by. Also, my parents live just a few minutes away, which is very convenient. We also know a few people who work at the local stores and boutiques in town. These connections came in handy for us after buying our house because we realized that we needed to have the air conditioner replaced due to the damage that was caused by the previous owners. So, my husband and I were forced to spend the money on a new HVAC unit. Thankfully, my neighbor Chris just so happens to own a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning company, so I decided to go with him to make the purchase. Once Chris found out about our situation, he was able to offer us a brand new HVAC unit for half the price of what they normally sold it for. It has been nearly two months since the air conditioner was installed, and it has exceeded our expectations, and we love that it came equipped with Smart technology. This town may not be where a lot of young couples choose to live, however, for us it is perfect, and we are glad to live here because we have so many of our friends and family around every corner.


furnace/heater repair